About Us

Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Payroll Tax Management (PTM) offers a unique approach to payroll tax processing for mid-market and large corporate employers, as well as payroll service bureaus throughout the United States. Our innovative systems and services provide companies with the ability to increase revenue and strategic focus, by giving them several options not formerly available to those who outsource their payroll taxes.

PTM provides payroll tax expertise, compliance with over 11,000 tax agencies, stellar customer service, competitive rates and fees, a multi-million dollar crime bond, a SAS 70 certification, and state-of-the-art technology. Our tax systems offer clients ease of use and logical solutions to the hassles of payroll tax processing.

Our management team has been involved in the payroll industry since 1969, as innovators in the payroll tax industry, we were the first to market payrolls through banks, the first to issue agency checks, the first to combine payroll tax processing with independent payroll companies, and the first to present an automated treasury tax (TTL) deposit service to the banking industry. We continue to develop new methods of processing payroll taxes, introducing automation concepts never before seen in the marketplace. 

Since 1997, PTM has been processing local, state and federal payroll taxes in all fifty states and U.S. territories for the payroll industry. Our experience, coupled with the feedback from our clients, has enabled us to develop new methods of processing and technological advances that are currently unparalleled in the payroll tax industry. Unlike traditional payroll tax services, PTM offers our clients a choice.